How Does Your Garden Grow?

I'll admit it I'm a fair weather gardener. Rain, wind or snow then there is no chance of me getting outside but when the sun comes out then boom we're straight in the garden. This weekend me and Aly has the afternoon to ourselves so we got out in the garden and planted a few bits and pieces. 

We don't have the largest of gardens and it's mostly made up of a raised bed for growing all our vegetables so often our garden is a mixture of greens. This weekend we tried to add a little colour. 

These plants are a couple Aubrieta which cost us 99p and will add a splash of purple to our patio. They have since been planted into a couple of terracotta pots. 

A long one of the sides of our garden we always add a few hanging baskets as they are easy to create and tend to add a real wow. We have no idea what plants these are but they look pretty so hopefully they'll work well in our baskets and if they manage to last the whole Summer then even better. 

At the bottom of our garden we have a small pear tree that is full of blossom at the moment and looks really pretty, I just wish it would stay like this all year round. Underneath the tree Mrs OD3G has created a little fairy garden that she has been adding bits to over the past few weeks, the girls also gave her a helping hand. 

As very little seems to be growing in the vegetable beds we've decided to plant a few things in small pots and then we'll transfer them over when they've started growing. Luckily I had my little helper who planted courgettes, beans and a couple of sunflowers. We'll add these to the spinach, lettuce and potatoes that are all ready growing.  

Hopefully these will grow a bit better. 

What have you been up to in the garden this week? 

Mammasaurus How Does Your Garden Grow