In Search of Christmas

We're fully deep into December, there is no getting away from Christmas. I thought it was time to head out into the woodland and have a look for signs of Christmas. 

Christmas isn’t a season. It’s a feeling.
— Edna Ferber

Our Christmas tree is up and Mia has taken to playing Christmas songs on repeat. We have the school play coming up and the girls have been digging deep into their advent calendars. 

Although it's not officially Winter until the 22nd December, for me the start of December is the start. 

The woodland area that I visit as often as possible offers something every season and I had high hopes that whilst I was in search of Christmas it wouldn't disappoint. 

I hadn't walked more than 100 metres and I'd come across a holly bush complete with vibrant red berries. Whilst capturing a few photos a little robin came to see me, making sure I remainded quiet and still I managed to get a few photos. 

The walk around the woods offered many more delights to enjoy but nothing as festive as those first few treats. There was plenty of Autumn scenes to enjoy oh and a man walking around playing the bagpipes. 

With my feet cold and in need of a hot cup of tea I decided to head home and see if they had finished putting up the decorations. 

Just as I was leaving the little robin decided to pose for one last photo.