In the Distance

Luminar 2018

I work with Skylum on testing a using their software. In the coming weeks, a new version of Luminar will be released. This is their version of Lightroom. I've made a short video to show some of the features off. 

You can purchase the software here

Daily Photo - In the Distance

Another photo from Beachy Head, this was taken on the edge of the cliff using a tripod and shutter release. 

The photo was editing using Luminar to see what it can do. One of the best features is the erase tool, it works perfectly to get rid of objects. On the hill was a couple of people and it removed them with ease. 



LENS: NIKON 24-85mm

ISO: 100

FOCAL LENGTH: 60.0 mm (60.0 mm in 35mm)


EXPOSURE TIME: 0.01667s (1/60)