iPhone 7 Plus Camera 'Real Life' Review - Landscape + Portrait Mode

For me no cameraphone is going to replace my dSLR, that just isn't going to happen. With that said there are a few times when the only camera I have with me is my phone so ideally it's the best of the best. 

A few months ago I did a Real Life Review using the Huawei P9 which also has a dual lens and I was impressed with it. Will this iPhone 7 Plus be better than that? 

You can of course download camera apps if you like such as ProCam and many of these allow you to shoot in Raw. For this I didn't do that, I wanted to use this pretty much as 9/10 people will use it. Most people will be picking the iPhone 7 up and just shooting so I wanted to do exactly that. 

All the images was just taken using the camera app and everything was in auto. To begin with I charged the phone up and then basically just turned it on and went out shooting. 

The first stop in the video was a walk in the woods. I wanted to try a few landscape photos to see what was possible with this phone. I didn't use a tripod like I would usually so everything was handheld and auto mode. 

The thing I like about this phone is that the screen is huge so you can really see what you're taking a picture of. The camera uses 12MP wide-angle and telephoto cameras with the Wide-angle: ƒ/1.8 aperture and the Telephoto: ƒ/2.8 aperture. 

So was I able to get good photos? Well I think I did especially the landscape photos. I also think that anyone should be able to capture the photos they are after on this and generally won't be disappointed. 

The large majority of people will never shoot in RAW and most won't work on their photos afterwards. I've included a selection of photos...some which have been edited and others that haven't. The below photo is unedited. 

I was also able to try out the 'Portrait' mode on the phone and that is what I was most impressed with. This mode tells you on screen what you need to do such as more closer to the subject and once in prime position it says 'Depth Effect' and you can then simply take the photo. 

The phone saves two photos for you, the original and the one with 'Depth Effect' and the difference is quite amazing. 

In 2017 I'm making it my aim to print more photos and having printed a few of these out at 18x12 the quality is really impressive and you could easily print these photos out and hang them on the walls and be proud to show them off. 

This next photo was edited on Lightroom just to show what can be achieved using the iPhone 7 Plus. 

The editing of photos for me was pretty simple, on a couple I simply used Lightroom mobile or AirDrop to move them over to my laptop and edited them on Adobe Lightroom. I know most people won't do that but for people who want more than snapshots it works really well. 

This iPhone 7 Plus was loaned to me from Three UK and to find out more head over to their website