Joshua | 50mm 1.8 Portrait Photography

We all have that favourite portrait lens, and I’m sure we will dream of that lens that will take our photography to the next level. I’ve always dreamed of a 35mm 1.4 for portraits which I’m trying to save my pennies for. I know a lot of photographers prefer an 85mm but for me, it’s just a little too close and I prefer to capture a bit more of surrounds to tell the story.

For the time being, I’m using what I have and that is currently a 50mm 1.8 but the one I have is a brand out of China that is as light as a feather, not weather-sealed and it seems made from plastic. It doesn’t fill me confidence.

I have a couple of zoom lens but I’m going through a phase of using prime lens just as it makes you think more and zooms tend to make me a little lazy instead of moving my feet to the subject.

The portraits that I want to produce and the create have a moody feel to them, I much rather that than a clean cut studio photo. That’s just not my style, I like natural light, using the surrounds that you have.

The lens that I have isn’t crispy sharp, but I personally like the photos it takes. It’s a beautiful lens for dreamy portraits. I’m hoping to get a few portraits taken in the woodlands as I think it will really come into its own there.

These following portraits were taken in natural light with a limited amount to time. I’d decided to mount the camera on a tripod and stick to f/1.8 to give that dreamy look I spoke about.

The final image is the same lens but shot at f/8.