Keeping Warm | Landscape Photography

The Autumn/Winter crossover is possibly the best time to get out with your camera, the slight issue is that the weather is often poor. Rather than sit indoors and dream of the photos you could capture, the memories you could make…wrap up warm and enjoy. To help you make the most of this time of year I have some men’s winter jackets that I’ve been trying out.

I love nothing more than enjoying walks in the woodlands, capturing the changing of the seasons, and especially those festive feeling photos.

If I’d have stayed inside I wouldn’t have taken this photo in the Winter which is still one of my favourite photos I’ve taken. Being prepared is key and layers is also my top tip.


Seems obvious but this is key and having a jacket that keeps you warm and dry is essential. For this time of year having a down filled one is the way to go. I am currently wearing men’s North Face jacket Kabru Down Jacket which is RDS 550FP Goose down filled and oh my word is this warm. It’s also windproof and water-resistant and for added bonus the pockets are fleece lined to keep them warm between shooting.

One of the things I love about this jacket is that it’s not bulky and it’s lightweight. This means that I can climb up a hill, hike, stretch and take photos and move easily and that is so important when taking landscape photos.

If you’re looking for something to keep you warm head over here Men’s winter jackets.


Being a landscape photographer you are walking everywhere and always on your feet so keeping them warm and cosy is the name of the game.

These are the Brasher Men’s Country Walker Walking Boots which are amazingly comfortable. From the first time I wore them they just fit well, no needing to wear them in. They are a breathable and waterproof mid boot that can handle anything thrown at it. I’ve worn them on a fairly long walk on footpaths and also in muddy woodlands and they had no issue.

I like my boots to be made of leather and classic looking just incase whilst on a walk you stop off for some food. These look smart either with walking trousers or like I did at the weekend with a pair of jeans.

Looking to pick up a new pair of Men’s walking boots? Blacks can help sort you out.

Added Accessories

I actually really dislike being super cold, especially hands, neck and face. Men’s winter accessories including gloves are fine when hiking or walking but I’m not a fan when taking photos as they just get in the way. But I love wearing a men’s neck gaiter. They’re really warm and versatile, in those windy chilly days pull it up over your mouth for added warmth.

I personally wear this for running and also playing football in.

Hopefully these will keep you enjoying being outside, so get yourself a warm coat, comfortable accessories and some men’s hiking boots and you’ll be all set.

Daily Photo - Keeping Warm

Catching a moments peace while out taking photos. Checking to make sure I’m happy with the photos I’d taken.

The woods are my favourite place, always something to take photos of and even if you don’t fancy that then it’s nice to just get some fresh air.


The brands included in this post asked for my opinion on the products featured from their range. All thoughts and opinions are my own.