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Lewes Light Festival


Lewes as a town often put on remarkable events. It’s the location for one of the biggest 5th November celebrations in Europe. Lewes has a unique feel to it, full of history and it offers so much for what is a fairly small town.

A castle, Anne of Cleves house, a wonderful river, Harvey’s Brewery and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.


In the middle of October they hosted their annual Lewes Light Festival. A unique look at Lewes which various buildings lit up at night. A fun way to see the castle and different parts of the town full of light and colour.

The organisers obviously worked hard to get everything set up. The event started at the town hall which is at the top of School Hill, you’d then walk along the High Street towards the Castle. There were a few doorways lit up and The White Hart also had a historic story being told.


The real draw card was the castle, as you walked up the pathway it was lit with lights and the whole Gatehouse was bold and colourful. They managed to show off the building in all its glory and looked amazing in the dark night.


As you walked through the castle and towards the nearby green and back streets this was easily the best part. The trees were lit up and there was also a smoke machine that made for some of my best photos of the event.

I’ll leave you with some photos I took. Without a tripod grabbing those amazing photos is tricky, but I’m happy with the few that I did get.

Look out for similar events near you as it’s a great way to try out different photography techniques.