My Little Mia

Mia will always be my little baby not matter what. If it makes sense I always think of Aly as being the tough one and Mia being the softy. That’s not to say Aly isn’t a little softy but no matter what is thrown at Aly she deals with it.

At the young age of 6 Aly seems to have had to deal with her fair share of stuff to deal with. So far she’s had to wear an eye patch for a number of months for most of the day, she’s had two eye operations. And now she has to wear glasses. All of this she has dealt with and shows very little fear and I am so proud of her.


Mia on the other hand I will always want to protect her. It started at that exact moment at 2am when she seemed to have a fit when she was feeding at 6 days old and we had to call 999 and get rushed to hospital. To see her tiny body lying in the hospital with needles and such being poked and prodded into her.

This will never change. The littlest thing can sometimes set Mia off and this is usually when she is tired.

For a little while Mia has been complaining of having a bad tummy and we booked her in to see the doctors and they couldn’t see her for two weeks and as it was nothing serious it wasn’t a problem. In the run up to going to the doctor we ran out of apple squash with Mia loves and has quite a few cups a day. She ended up just having water and after a day or so we noticed that she didn’t complain about a bad tummy.

Mia Pose

Could something as simple as apple squash have been the problem? She hasn’t had any since and the tummy problems have stopped.