Living Down by the River

As the morning sun rises in Lewes.

This was on the banks of the River Ouse, on the left is a group of new apartments they've build and the right is a nature reserve.

The river was flowing pretty quickly so I used an ND filter to slow the shutter speed down and smooth the water. 

As I’d printed a few new photographs for my show over the weekend it means that there are a few new designs on the store.

This is one of the new ones which I think is my favourite photo I’ve taken this year.

Sussex Ouse Way, Lewes, East Sussex Photographic Print | 10x12" Mounted

Sussex Ouse Way, East Sussex

This was a new location that I came across. Taken on the banks of the River Ouse in Lewes. A quiet early morning shoot with the sunrising and the mist starting to lift.