Local Woodland Trust Places & Upcoming Events

As a young family with two active girls we enjoy going on days out. This could involve trips to the beach, parks or anywhere that takes our fancy. Lately we've been enjoying the fresh air by visiting local Woodland Trust woods. This is something we've enjoyed over the years too and we're lucky enough to have a place just down the road from use - A Walk in the Woods

What we didn't realise was just how many places you can find nearby. If you visit the Woodland Trust site and go to Find a Wood you can search for places that are close to you. 

We entered ours and it came up with 49 places within 10 miles. 

A lot of people still don't know that The Woodland Trust is actually a charity so by becoming a member you are helping to make a difference and supporting the Woodland. 

Here's a little bit of what they did in 2014

  • Spent £13.4 million on creating native woodland
  • Created 1,696 hectares of woodland, of which 46 hectares was on Woodland Trust land
  • Spent £5.4m acquiring land to create First World War Centenary Woods in all four countries of the UK
  • Distributed 744,000 trees through our Community Tree Pack scheme to schools, parishes and local community groups
  • Spent £7.3 million protecting native trees and woods
  • Spent £9.4 million restoring damaged woodland
  • Launched a £2.9 million plan to restore damaged ancient woodland in 10 target regions across the UK

As the children are on school holiday now is also the perfect time to get to one of the Woodland Trust events 

Our events

  • 15 August - Family picnic at Credenhill Park Wood - Lunchtime family picnic at Credenhill Park Wood.

  • 19 August - Summer cinema at QEDJW, Normanton le Heath - Free family-friendly film festival and picnic at Queen Elizabeth Diamond Julibee Wood

  • 25 August - Wildlife Explorers Club at East Dartmoor Nature Reserve, Devon - Become a wildlife explorer for the summer and discover more about the wildlife of the reserve.

  • 29 August - Summer picnic at Skipton Castle Woods - Lunchtime family picnic and explore Skipton Castle Woods.

Written in collaboration with The Woodland Trust, all thoughts and opinions are our own.