London Photo-Walk with Trey Ratcliff

I don't really care for following celebrities, in fact, I don't follow any of social media. The people I check on Instagram are people that inspire me, people who make me want to create new and exciting things. 

Generally, those people are Casey Neistat, Chase Jarvis, Thomas Heaton and Trey Ratcliff. I head to their profiles, watch their videos and enjoy the content that they put out into the World. 

So this walk was part of Trey's European adventure, this is where he visits places like Barcelona, Paris and London and as you'll expect it was pretty busy. At a guess, I'd say there were 300 people there to hear and see him. 

Here's the route we walked. 

We had moments to stop off and ask questions and Trey also spoke about how he was setting the shots and why. I'm sure there will be a video posted of this event which I'll post below. 

Here is the photos I captured during the walk, I hope you enjoy.