London Photography using the Google Pixel 2

I love visiting London, I'm only an hour outside of the city and don't visit it as much as I should. This will change in the next school holidays as we're taking the girls up there for a little trip and a hotel stay, this will be the first time they've really visited.  

Last week I planned a day in London to take some photos. When I set out I took both my Pixel phone and also dSLR, and the thinking was that I would see if I could take photos that I'd be happy with just with my phone. My Nikon was simply there as a back-up option. 

All London trips start and end at London Bridge for me. I had a plan in mind as I expected London to be busy, I wanted to head straight to the underground and visit a few lines on the Circle line that I'd never visited before. 

The idea was to try and capture some unique photos of the underground to share on a new Instagram account that I've set up which is called Photos_ofthe_Underground. I hope that the photos I took catch the eye and do exactly what I hope they do. I wanted to use my eye for landscape photography and apply it to the design of the stations. 

If you've travelled on the underground a lot then it's all too easy just to rush from station to station getting to the destination without looking around and enjoying what it has to offer. 

If you want to visit some amazing stations then I really recommend that you head towards Canada Water and Canary Wharf. Avoid rush hour and lunchtime and you can almost get the place to yourself. You can also find some amazing food places for a spot of lunch. 

To finish my dad in London I like to head back to Waterloo station which is just by the London Eye and then walk along the Southbank taking in the street performers and it gives some great photo opportunities. 

It also allows you at the end of the walk to visit Borough Market just by London Bridge and on the route, you'll pass the Millennium Bridge, The Globe and a few shops and places to stop off for a coffee. 

This really allowed me to see everything I wanted in London.