#MagicMoments - The First School Year

It's happened, it's finally happened...the end of Aly's first year at Primary School. With the end of the year approaching along with it came Aly's first full year report which I'll get to in a minute.


This is how little Aly looked on her first day way back in September. When she started she was already pretty good with numbers, colours, words and a bit of reading but very little on spelling.

The school she does to gives them a reading book everyday which we always make the point of listening to her read and over the course of the year her reading has completely changed and she's now reading books with 100 or so words. Her spelling is amazing for someone that has only completed one year at school. She can now spell all of the class friends, and pretty much any other words she decides to add to her stories.


Aly's school report was everything a parent could ask for and shows what an amazing girl she is developing into. Below is a few quotes from the report.

Aly is such a lovely girl, she has been a delight to have in our class this year

Aly has made excellent progress in all areas of the curriculum and with fantastic support from home she has become an amazing reader

Aly's favourite child initated activity is to design and make lego models. She knows exactly what she wants to achieve...the boys are often in awe of her constructions.

Aly is at all times polite and well behaved, she looks after her friends and is a wonderful help to her teachers.

We couldn't be prouder of her and hope she makes the same progress in the next year.