Making Mother's Day Special

As a dad there are certain things I need to remember, important moments that I mustn't forget. These things include birthdays, anniversaries and also Mother’s Day.

Over the past 8 or so years as a dad I have learnt that Mother’s Day needs to be a special, I can’t rely on the girls remembering so I have to remember and make it a good day.

There’s a special formula for these days, it can’t be rubbish and it can’t be the best one ever otherwise come next year I’ll have to try and make it even better again. It needs to fall into the ‘Special and memorable’ category.

There are certain things that you can do to help make the day go smoothly and to help get the children and also yourself into the good books.

The first part is to treat Mummy to a cup of tea and breakfast in bed. For the past few years we’ve tried to make this a little more special by getting a new mug to enjoy. Oh just make sure you don’t spill anything as you take it to her otherwise that’ll ruin the whole day.

Next up comes the Mother’s Day cards, most years we tend to make the cards as everyone loves receiving a handmade card especially if it’s from a child. Also allowing Mummy to have a lie in bed works wonders for getting you in the good books. Again just make sure it’s not ruined by the children screaming downstairs.

I always involve the children in Mother’s Day now that they are old enough, so the day before we’ll pop out and pick up some pretty flowers so when Mummy comes downstairs she is greeted with bright and beautiful flowers. Who doesn’t love fresh flowers?

We don’t go over the top with Mother’s Day presents but there will be a few little presents as well as some chocolate.

We tend to get simple presents that are useful such as like last year when we bought a couple of pretty notebooks and a photo frame with a picture of the girls in it.

The final part of the Mother’s Day puzzle is a lovely cooked meal for Sunday dinner. It’s nothing too fancy just a yummy roast but the best bit is Mummy doesn’t have to cook it and also the girls will help with the washing up.  

That is how our Mother’s Day looks and hopefully it is memorable and goes according to plan. If you’re still struggling for gift ideas then pop over to the Paperchase Mother’s Day Section for lots of items.

What have you got planned for Mother’s Day and don’t forget it’s on Sunday 6th March.