Making Your Garden Bloom with Suttons

Every year when Summer approaches we plant up our garden will all sorts of vegetables and the garden during the months just looks green. 

This year Suttons asked us if we'd like to receive a selection of Plug Plants to brighten up our garden and we said yes. 

The plug plants arrived around the beginning of June and as the name suggests they are small plants that haven't flowered yet so you get the best of them in the garden. You simply plant them straight into position and make sure they are watered. 

After a couple of weeks our plants started to flower and added some real colour to our garden. With these plants we noticed a massive increase in the amount of butterflies that visited our garden. Adding colour to the garden really made a difference and brighten everything up. 

We didn't need to do any extra work with these plants and just watered them as and when they needed it making sure that we didn't over or under water them. With our plug plants we received 4 different types of plants so when we planted them we made sure that we mixed them up a big so they weren't in one place. 

The plants in our garden are still going strong some 10 weeks later. The below photo was taken just a few days ago and as you can see they look healthy. In the future this is the way we'll get our plants as we don't have room to grown them from seed. 

These plug plants were sent to use from Suttons for the purpose of this post, all thoughts and opinions are our own.