Michelin ‘Living total performance’

For me one of the most important parts of a car is it’s tyres. It’s the only thing that touches the road so it’s important to get the best you can. The technology and development is always improving and changing. To help with the development the people at Michelin have created the a live experiment across Europe to see how people really drive in everyday situations.


With this information Michelin teams around the world are sharing information and insights into how you use your car, to develop tyres that better match your real needs and challenges.

With all the work carried out by the initiatives past and present they have brought all that information together to create a tyre that delivers Total Performance for the everyday challenges you face. With MICHELIN Total Performance, all key performance factors are brought together in one tyre.

Over the past few years I seem to have gone through tyres like a racing car driver, this seems to have been down to the incorrect tyres for their use but now if you head over to Michelin website you can use their handy online tool to select the correct tyres for your car. For more information on the MICHELIN Total Performance please have a watch of this video

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