Mobile Memory Solutions from Sandisk


I bet everyone has the same issue when out taking photos on location, or when on holiday...the fact our phones and tablets run out of memory quickly. It's more difficult to transfer stuff using Dropbox or another cloud system so you want a quick and easy solution. 

Sandisk has a few products for this very reason. 

For the past few week's I've been trying these out and I love the usability of them and the freedom they give me. 

The first product is the SanDisk Ultra 256GB micro SDXC Memory CardIf you use Android devices then this is a real winner. 


A lot of Android devices don't come with the largest of built-in storage so it's easy to fill your phone up with photos or videos. We've got a couple of Android tablets and they only have 16GB of storage so Il keep deleting stuff to free up room but this Sandisk micro SDXC is brilliant. SImply add this into the expandable slot and straight away you get an extra 256GB, move the apps across to the card and you've instantly improved the device. 

If you're travelling away then this gives you so much extra room for movies for the flights or simply extra room for all those extra photos you'll be taking.  

Solution 2 is the SanDisk Ultra 32GB USB Dual Driveso much goodness packed into a little package. 


Oooo this is a nice bit of kit, and it's one of those things that has become so handy. On one end it as a micro USB and on the other a USB 3.0 meaning you can simply transfer stuff from a mobile device to a laptop in a matter of seconds. 

Until you've given this a go you have no idea what you're missing out on. This version is a 32GB so you can also use it as a good sized flash drive. There's nothing to install and it works with MacOS and Windows without any issues. 

The final part of the Mobile Memory Solutions from Sandisk is the SanDisk iXpand (MFI) 32 GB USB Flash Drive


This is a great product and the one I've used the most. On one end it has a Lightning Connector and the other a USB 3.0. This allows you to transfer things between iOS devices and computers super quickly and really easily. The version I have is 32GB which is a ton of additional storage and once again can be used as a flash drive. 

If you download the iXpand app you can watch videos straight from the flash drive rather than loading them onto your iPad or iPhone. 

All of these devices worked straight out the package and helped me when I was travelling, the way I used it was that at the end of the day I'd create a back up of the phones I'd taken and remove them from the device so that it was ready for the next day. 

I was sent these items from Sandisk for the purpose of this post, all thoughts are my own.