Morphy Richards Power Steam Elite #Review

Righty - let me start by saying of all the household chores ironing is by far the worst thing, yep that’s right even worse than dusting or even cleaning the windows but what do I know? Ironing is just something I can’t do, ok I may be able to iron some trousers (in fact I’d have a good crack at a t-shirt) but give me a shirt to iron and it’ll be quicker asking me to build a piece of flat packed furniture.

 Power SteamElite

Power SteamElite

So why review an iron? Well my wife is a dab hand with an iron (trust me I’ve seen the results) and she tells me she learnt it all from her mum so for this I passed the iron to the two of them.

Let’s start with the technical parts.

  • Ceramic Soleplate
  • 4.5 Bar Pressure
  • Variable Steam
  • 180g Steam Output
  • Easy to Use Electronic Controls
  • Auto Shut Off
  • 2L Removable Tank

The initial thoughts on the iron are the design is a lot more interesting than a regular iron, it certainly adds a bit of glam to the chore. The main thought is the overall size of the iron but that is mainly due to the fact we’ve only ever had the more conventional iron in the past and where are we going to store it?

With any new item it’s always a pain trying to work out how it actually works; luckily Morphy Richards are always really good with their instructions. It makes a change to get a booklet that just has your language in it rather than having to search for English so the booklet actually looks small. Don’t be alarmed by this as they are clear and easy to follow and have added diagrams which on an iron like this really help.

So now the real test comes with the first use and to see how it performs.



The first thing that we noticed was where we put the base unit one for safety and one for the ease of use. Luckily our ironing board has a fairly large caddy (is that the word?) to place the iron and the base seemed to fit in there easily although I wasn’t sure just how safe if was. A little bit of pushing and it didn’t fall off so we went with it. We tend not to do the ironing when the children are around but if you do just be very, very careful.

The actual iron itself is very light which suited me and it felt perfect when in use. The ironing was very smooth and had a lovely glide which made the actual chore was very quick which is ideal when you have a pile of children’s clothes to do.

When we tried it on bed linen it performed excellently at the hotter temperature. Equally it also has a brilliant feature which has become very useful and that is the vertical steam feature, meaning if you happen to find a suit or shirt just before you’re due to go out that needs a quick steam then bang a quick blast and you’re good to go.

The steam system comes with a massive 2L water tank which was easy to remove and fill or refill. From the whole pile of ironing we did not once the tank need refilling. He heating of the ironing was very quick and simple to do.



There is a few things to consider such as the overall size of the system but that was easily overcome by us, having never used one of these systems I’m unsure if before if I would have gone into a shop and bought one but having used it I would without doubt recommend it to friends and family. This would be ideal for a larger family with a lot of ironing and was ideal for our family of four but probably wouldn’t benefit a smaller family.

Overall we were very impressed with the Power Steam Elite.

The Power Steam Elite 2400W Pressurised Steam Generator is available from Morphy Richards own website for £299.99

We were sent this product for the purpose of this review, all thoughts and opinions are our own.