My Favourite Photography Apps

Photography has changed so much over the last 20 years or so, it used to be all about film cameras and waiting for ages to get the film developed. Next came the Polaroid and I remember when I received a Polaroid camera one Christmas and that blew my mind. You got the photo straightaway and it was amazing. 

Years later it was the turn of digital cameras with memory cards which we transferred to computers and shared them with friends and printed the odd few out. This turned into the World of mobile and phones that can capture beautiful photos and allow us to edit photos on the go and share them instantly with the World. 

Even though my phone is perfectly capable of taking photos I personally prefer to us my Olympus OM-D EM10 camera. This is a micro four-thirds camera and is super compact and portable and still giving me amazing photos. 

The major advantage of this camera is the fact that it's WiFi enabled so with the click of a few buttons I can transfer photos from my camera to my phone anywhere in the World. So with this in mind my first app is OI Share. 

Normally once I've imported the photos the first app I go to is Snapseed which according to various people on Twitter seems to be very popular. The app is pretty powerful and honestly is the only app you actually really need to edit with. You can change everything about the photo and they have a whole host of presets for black & white, HDR and you can even select parts of the photo to edit. If you don't already have it make sure you download it from the App store. 

For me that's the only two apps I use on a daily basis that is unless I want to add some words to a photo and in that case I'll use an app called Phonto which allows you to add words with a host of different fonts and colours without adding a watermark to the photo. 

When I asked on Twitter which apps people used for photography there was quite an array of suggestions and nearly everyone said Snapseed. Some of these apps are only available on iOS so as an Android user I can't try some of these out. 

So far I've downloaded a few on these to try out namely BlendPic, Aviary, Enlight and Lidow. I've already got VSCO Cam and I've never really used it but I make it my aim to use it more. 

The Aviary app is from Adobe and seems like it has it all but if you want more advanced edits and options then you'll need to subscribe to their service which is around £10 a month. 

BlendPic is an app that allows you to overlay a photo on a photo and I think this one will take some getting used to. There are so may things you can download to overlay on your photos that the possibilities are endless. 

The other apps I shall have to play around with but at the moment it's still Snapseed for me and of course finally the finished photo gets uploaded to the king of photo apps...Instagram but I'm pretty sure you've all heard of that. 

Have you any more photo apps that you can't do without?