My Local Area

As a photographer we’re always looking at locations to take photographs and we can all be guilty of missing what’s right in front of us. My local area doesn’t have those rolling hills, a bustling street-life but what it does have is beautiful woodland.

The woodland is where I feel most at home, I know the spots to enjoy, the places to get the best vantage point but I also want to step out of the comfort zone. Being taken or choosing to step out of that zone is where I think people create their best work.

This month I challenged Lewis from Adventure Brown to capture his local area in 5 photographs. You can see his photos in his post - 5 photos from my local area – photalife challenge.

My Local Area

The urge to simply capture landscape photos was strong but I thought better of it. I wanted a mix of subjects so let’s jump straight into it.

A photo I’ve taken many times but I don’t think I’ve ever taken it in such thick fog. For this I was also using a cheap old 50mm lens. WIth a 50mm lens on the front it makes you think more about the photo, the inability of being able to zoom means you actually have to move your feet.

This was a photo I took towards the beginning of the month, this was on the morning after the Bonfire celebrations. I thought I’d have a little walk around the town and up by the castle I came across this quaint looking lane. It reminded me of a Hovis advert.

As a landscape photographer Autumn is my favourite time of year. The trees are full of reds and oranges, the skies are full of colour and if you’re lucky you get a misty morning.

It’s easy to just focus on the large views but the real beauty is in the intimate details that Autumn gives us.

Portrait photography is something I’ve struggled with, but I’ve been working on this with my friend Josh. I much prefer using natural light and it certainly takes me out of my comfort zone.

Daily Photo - Pells Pool

Lewes contains so many historic places such as the castle, Anne of Cleves house, Harvey’s Brewery and also Pells Pool which is the UK’s oldest fresh water lido. With the big tree behind the pool if you catch it just right you get a remarkable reflection.