My Photos from Last Week

This time of year it is hard work to get the motivation to leave the house especially on the cold mornings. The effort is well worth it though and you can get some wonderful sunrises or misty photos.

There is a real lack of colour in this weeks photos, I can’t be the only one wanting Spring to add some colour to the landscape.

Here are my photos from the past week, I hope you enjoy them.

We went for a little walk this morning in the local woods, there was a real lack of colour and life.

I can't wait for Spring to start to show signs that it's on the way. 

One of the gorgeous skies we've been treated to this past few weeks.

The beauty of this time of year is that the sunrises and sunsets are at sensible times of the day.

See as many sunrises and sunsets as you possibly can.

The temperature has definitely changed these past few days. 

We've not had any snow as yet...the girls are hoping that we get some like we did last year.

Lacking any real colour, I'm fed up with the dark days and gloomy weather.

Roll on Spring, the brighter days, the flowers filling the woodlands.