My Photos of the Week - Week 15

Righty let's see if this works. I have moved the blog and redesigned everything so I am hoping this blog post actually works and you see the photos. 

This week has been the return to work after our lovely week in Cornwall, the girls are still off school and they have been enjoying the lovely weather by playing in the garden lots. 

So here is a couple of my favourite photos from the past week. 

On Easter Sunday we arranged a little Easter hunt for the girls where they had to find the bunnies and chocolate which led them to a Lego present. 

While out in the garden on Bank Holiday Monday we noticed that the flowers had started to bloom and for the first time in ages the garden actually looked nice. 

The brilliant people at Appleyard sent me these stunning tulips to help brighten up our house this Spring. You may have noticed I like to take a flower photo...or two.