My Photos of the Week - Week 16

Week 16 of the year has arrived and we've been back to school and back in to the usual routine. This has also been the week where many people found out if you was successful in getting your chosen Primary school. 

This time it was Mia's turn and we're very happy that she has been offered the 1st choice so come September she'll be at the same school as Aly. 

So now on to this week's photos. 

The weather this week has been pretty good and there appears to be things growing and showing signs of life. Our pear tree in the garden is coming along nicely. 

You may have noticed that I like a flower photo or two. These cards came with a magazine and liked the saying and thought it worked with the tulips. 

With colours like this the flower just needed to be photographed.

How has your week been?