#MySundayPhoto - Captain

This week's #MySundayPhoto is from last Sunday where we have started talking Aly to football and she has been enjoying it lots. She is growing in confidence and it's fresh air and gets her some exercise. Last week was the last one before the New Year and at the end they roped the parents in to play a match against the children which all the children enjoyed trying to beat their parents.

At the end of the training each week they give the captain's armband to one player from the under 7s and one player over 7 who is the player of the day and for the first time Aly was awarded the under 7s. She was so excited and I was very very proud of her as you can see she puts in the effort.

Here she is with the armband.


I hope everyone is getting in the Christmas spirit. Please come and link up a photo with or without words.

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