#MySundayPhoto...now with a prize

#MySundayPhoto has been running now for the past 15 months and I wanted to reward people for the support. You have no idea how much it means to me and I really hope people enjoy linking up each week and viewing other peoples photos. So as a thank you for the next 3 months there will be a little prize. The awesome people at PhotoBox have joined in and are offering a 60 x 40cm Classic Canvas as a prize each month until the end of January.

photobox canvas

The way this will work is that at the end of November I will go through all the photos that have been linked up during that month and select a favourite. That mean's that if you only link up for one week in that month you still stand a chance of winning.

The winning might not be from the people who took the most amazing photo but perhaps it will be a photo that tells a beautiful story, or a photo that brightened up the day.

The link ups from the 2nd November count for this month and it will include the 30th November too. I hope you all enjoy this, and please keep tagging me in Instagram posts (@OneDad3Girls) Google+ Posts (+DarrenColeshill) Facebook Posts (OneDad3Girls) Tweet me (@OneDad3Girls) and even Pin Me (OneDad3Girls) and I will then repin, RT, Like or +1.

Again thank you every much and I hope to see you Sunday and please feel free to add the badge to the post.