Newquay #CountryKids

This week's Country Kids will be the last one from our time at Coombe Mill and I hope you've enjoyed them and fingers crossed they've given you a few ideas of what you can get up to while to stay in Cornwall. This week's one is from our day out in Newquay which has plenty to offer whatever the weather.

Our first stop was Newquay zoo which is a very well looked after zoo with plenty to look at with a lovely range of animals from lions to meerkats as well as penguins, wildebeest and monkeys.

The way the zoo is set out allows you to get up close to all the animals and you'll be able to get some lovely photos.

Newquay Zoo

Anything with animals is a winner with this family and the zoo doesn't disappoint. You also get a savings voucher to use at the Aquarium. The one thing to point out is the cafe is lovely but not the biggest which in the summer isn't a problem but in February it got filled up very quickly.

Once the girls had played on one of the playgrounds we decided to head to the Aquarium which is about a 5 minute drive. First tip is the aquarium doesn't have a car park so if you use a satnav be warned it will take you on a wild goose chase so head into the town and find a car park. It's only about a 2 minute wall from the town to the sea front where Blue Reef is located.

What can I say about Blue Reef that's not overally negative? Parts of it is lovely and some beautiful displays the problem is it's too small for the price. It took us an hour at most to slowly walk around. An hour!

Blue reef

The best part without doubt is the view when you leave the aquarium.

Rocky Horror sml

Newquay is a lovely place to walk around and if your after a gift to take back home then this is the place to look with lots of unique shops.

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