Nokia Lumia 1020 Review

At times opportunities arise that even shock me, one of these was an invitation to attend something at London Zoo for Nokia and the new Windows 8 phone...those words are always going to grab my attention. To top it all off it was on a Saturday meaning I would actually be able to attend.

Over the years I’ve had many phones, from the Nokia 3210, the Palm Pre to more recent smartphones like every version of the iPhone, a few Blackberry’s the funky Motorola Razr and my latest phone was the Samsung Note 2 so I may know a little bit about phones and now it was the turn of the Nokia Lumia 1020.

Nokia Lumia 1020

Nokia Lumia 1020

You may have heard of this phone it’s the one with the 41mp camera, this is pretty much double any other phone available and is it’s big BIG selling point.

Nokia’s always used to be the go to phone, everyone wanted the latest phone and then the fruit company and electronics company entered the mobile phone market and blew everyone else out the water. Since that moment everyone else including Nokia have been playing catch up and often failing.

My first impressions are...gor blimey it’s bright and that’s just the cover, yep it’s bright yellow. The phone isn’t as large as I was expecting it to be, slightly wider than an iPhone 5 and about the same size as a Samsung Galaxy S4. It fits easily in the hand and you can hold it in one hand and use it with your thumb.

The Nokia Lumia 1020 runs on Windows 8 which takes a lot of getting used to compared to Android or iOS but the live tiles work well and are a nice feature my main issue is the app store which is lacking. It does have some of the basics like Facebook, Twitter and it also has Instagram now but most of them are basic to say the least and things like Google+ well you might as well not bother. If you regularly get notifications from a place like Instagram or Twitter then you need to enable a Livetile for this otherwise you won’t get a notification on Windows 8 mobile.

As for Dropbox well at the moment it’s not great news as they try and push you onto SkyDrive but when you’ve been using DropBox for years it’s hard to change. There is a good app called FileBox which seems to be the best DropBox app as none of the others currently preview anything you have stored, they just show a file name which when you have 1000s of photos isn’t much good.

The 1020 screen is crisp and sharp and the touchscreen is super sensitive, the panel is a 1280 x 768 AMOLED display with a pixel density of 334 pixels per inch but it’s not even close to how good the HTC One screen is but you don’t really notice.

The battery is well erm ok. It’s not great, if you just use basic apps it’s fine but as soon as you start taking photos and using Twitter and Instagram then it drains quickly so much so that mine has died by 7pm on a number of occasions and that’s without listening to music, really not ideal for a phone it you require it for more than 12 hours.



Of course it’s main selling point is the 41mp camera which is impressive and takes amazing single shot photos but not many of the shots will be taken at 41mp most will be 5mp for sharing otherwise memory and data issues come into play. There are a whole host of preinstalled apps to crop and edit the photos which are as good as any you could download. The big issue is the shutter lag which is usually around a second and this let’s it down in a big way. Taking a photo of something in the distance works very well and you hardly lose any of the detail when zoomed but the lag comes into play and you may find you’ve missed the shot. The camera is good but you won’t be selling your dslr in favor of this no matter how basic your camera is.

The verdict from me is it’s a good phone, but it won't knock Apple and Samsung from the top. It has potential to with a few tweaks especially the app store. If things like G+, Instagram and it added some other apps such as the Google based ones (which I know won’t happen) but hey we can dream.