Office for the Day

Sometimes opportunities arise whether at home or at work that make you happy and thankful. These little things where you just think wow not many people will either get to do this or see this.  One of these times happened the other day with work. 

For those that don't know I work in Lewes which provides lots of inspiration as it's such a beautiful town but it even blew me away the other day. At work we had a plan of heading to Pells Pool which is an outdoor swimming pool that has been open to the public for over 150 years to take some promotional photos. They are just getting ready to open for the season so the water was lovely and clean and the place was empty meaning that we could get lots of photos and it allowed me to take some photos for my own use. 

What follows is a collection of the photos that I took while there. The setting of the pool is beautiful with lush green trees lining the area and space for picnics in the Summer sun. If you happen to be in and around Lewes pop by and have a look. 

I could think on many better places to have called my office. The sun was out and the pool was so peaceful.