Oh Autumn Time

Oh Autumn Time

Daily Photo - Oh Autumn Time

Oh Autumn time, the perfect time to just get outside and take photos.

Does anyone feel like sometimes the fun and enjoyment of taking photos disappears? ... you're more interested in getting those likes, those comments.

The enjoyment should always be getting outside, enjoying the fresh air and just taking photos for the enjoyment.


My 2018 Portfolio Print Box

This is the first time I’ve taken this approach, stepping into the unknown and testing myself.

This is my 2018 Portfolio Print Box Set, a collection of my favourite photos from the past year.

For 2018 I will be making a limited edition of 25 of these. They will all be personally handcrafted and printed by myself so I can have more control over the quality and add my own personal touch.

The box and all materials used are acid free for long term storage. Each photo is printed using pigment inks on a 8x12" sheet of Hahnemühle Fine Art Bamboo 290gsm paper with a thin white border. The box looks perfect whether displayed on a bookshelf, on a coffee table, or you can frame your favourite photos if you prefer.

The final number of photos for the 2018 box set is not yet set in stone as I’m still picking my favourites. At the moment there are 6 for certain with the total number being around 12.

Each box set includes a personal letter that is signed and numbers. Information on each photo is included and there will be a few surprise hand-picked gifts included.

It means so much that you’re taking a look at this and please if you have any questions drop me a message. I’m very proud of this collection and all the photos included and I think you’ll love them too.


West Pier
Countryside in Motion
The Silence
Golden Woodland

Winter Wonderland

These will start shipping in late November. I will select the final images over the course of October and November.

If you are ordering this as a gift, and would like it in time for Christmas please order as soon as possible. Orders after the 1st week of December I can’t be certain that you’ll receive it in time. I am prepared to ship the first 100 box sets in time for Christmas.