Olympus OM-D E-M10iii 'Real Life' Review

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I have said many times that it's more important to get the photo with what you have than not getting it at all. My favourite quote from Chase Jarvis is 'The best camera is the one you have with you'. 

I've used many cameras over the years and have no real loyalty to a certain brand, I like any camera that is easy to use, portable and able to get the shot I'm after. One of those phrases might stand out, portable, you'll say that all cameras are portable...well yes you're sort of correct. I love a camera that is portable in the sense that it can be thrown in a bag. Something like a full-frame Nikon (like what I'm using now) isn't always easy to carry around. A mirrorless can almost go in any back and you can take it everywhere. 

Travelling around is part of landscape photography, being mobile is all part of the deal. Pop a backpack on and away you go, a lens or two and possibly some filters. Trying doing this with a full frame and it's all of a sudden got very heavy. 

Now, this might sound like I'm bashing on dSLRs but I'm not...I love my D610, it captures exactly what I want. They have their place much like mirrorless.  

This was the first photo I took with the Olympus camera, it was never going to win any awards but I was so desperate to get out and take some photos with it. 

Shooting with the Olympus OM-D E-M10 iii

I've used a few different Olympus cameras and love how easy they are to just pick up and shoot with. No drama they just work really well. If you only have a limited knowledge of photography then within a couple of minutes you'll be taking masterpieces. The camera comes with a 14-42MM F3.5/5.6 EZ kit lens and you'd honestly be happy just using this. You can, of course, mix this up and get yourself a few other lenses, something like the 12-40mm F2.8 would be my pick. 

The style and design of the E-M10 are that of a classic film camera and is a flashback to the OM10 film camera. I actually bought one of these a few years back and loved shooting with it. That's a story for another day. 

The buttons and knobs feel like they've been lifted from that camera, all with a modern twist and it just feels perfect in you had. With this model there is now a more prominent place for your thumb which was missing before. 

One of my personal favourites taken with this camera. Mounted on a tripod and focused on the wheat which is front and centre. The colours pop. 

Favourite bits of the Olympus OM-D E-M10iii

I don't get too caught up in the specs of a camera and I know some people geek out over them but that's not for me. Does it take the photo? Does it capture the moment? Easy to use? Perfect then we're on the right track. 

You need to shoot in manual mode, shooting in auto is for...well you get the idea. That is complete rubbish. The idea of photography is to capture the moment, that is much more important that if you shoot in auto or whatever mode. Don't let people tell you that you mustn't shoot in auto...there is no shame. 

Most of the time the cameras will pick the same settings that a pro would pick, as you become more confident you can be more creative and experiment with shutter speed and aperature. 

The 14-42mm kit lens might seem limited but it will be perfect for most people. It allows a little bit of creativity without being too bulky. 


As close to pocket size as you'll get with a mirrorless camera, I could easily put this into my jacket pocket without any issues. Using the neck strap was a breeze and on a day out I wore it around my neck all day and it felt comfortable, try that with a dSLR...it's not a pleasant experience. 

Ease of Use

You could quite easily pick this camera up and start shooting straight away without any issues. Of course, if you wish to change a few things then the menu system is really easy to navigate. With a couple of clicks on the menu, I was shooting RAW and worked out how to set up bracketed shots. The menu from Olympus to Olympus doesn't really change and it's certainly not as complicated as some. 

Touch Screen

Every camera should have a touch screen, it makes things so much easier. That is the major downfall of my Nikon D610 it has no blooming touch screen. The screen on this camera works so well and quickly too. You can set it to do a number of different things such as touch to focus, touch to take the photo or turn it off completely. There was no accidental re-focuses with my nose while looking through the viewfinder which I know a few people have had with other brands.   

The in body stabilisation works really well, this was taken on a moving boat along the river thames. 

Small Issues

Issues might be a bit harsh, there are two or three that maybe could be addressed in the next model. 

The main one for me is the screen, why oh why does it not have a fully rotating screen? It tilts slightly but not fully. If it flipped up then you'd open up a whole new market to people wanting to vlog. 

This leads me nicely on to number two, why is there not a mic out? An oversight in my mind, the camera records 4K and with a mic out again it would make for a perfect vlogging set up. In this day and age, it seems strange to leave out these two things. 

The other thing is dual memory card slots but that's very minor, it gives peace of mind to have this but it's no deal breaker and if honest I would expect it. 


Looking for a great camera for a beginner or intermediate? This is, without doubt, one of the best on the market. With the ability to change lenses as you grow and develop you'll be really happy with this for years to come. 

Priced at £649 for the body and kit lens it's priced to tempt people and it is well worth the consideration. 

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Olympus allowed me to borrow this camera for the purpose of this post, all thoughts and photos are my own.