On Eastbourne Seafront

Where we live we have got the luxury of being equal distance from both Brighton and Eastbourne, however, it’s Brighton we always seem to visit.

We made an effort to change this by visiting over a Bank Holiday Weekend a little while ago and we’re so glad that we did.

Beautiful beaches, beach huts, a pier and most importantly ice cream…what’s not to love?

I knew I wanted an image like this as soon as we headed off to the seaside. For me long exposures work so well with sea. The wooden breakers would give me that anchor subject and the water would look slightly misty with a longer exposure.

Tripod, filters, camera all packed up…the one thing I forgot was the filter holder so I had to hold the filter in front of the lens while it took the photo. This is not ideal but it seemed to work.

Next time check everything is packed.