On/Off Grid...a new way of living

On YouTube, I've been watching a series of vlogs by Dave Erasmus which is about him building something special called Corcovado. Corcovado is a place off the grid that for the past 8 months he's been calling home. A place that consists of a shepherd's hut to sleep in, a cooking area, and a few other things such as a vegetable patch and now another shepherd's hut. 

If you fancy a watch here is the YouTube playlist

After watching these it got me thinking, could I do something similar? 

For most of the day, I am head down in the computer, working on the Internet or social media and this is the same for evenings and weekends. Something needs to change. 

It's near impossible for me to be off grid but I can adapt it to suit me, by that I mean from 5 pm Friday until the morning of Sunday I could essentially be 'off' grid. 

It sounds difficult but if I could turn off notifications, switch the phone off I might have a chance. I'm not thinking off disappearing but that time spent with my head down might enable me to spend more quality time with the family, more time getting fresh air and just enjoying the freedom a little more. 

This, in turn, might also bring about change in our lives, the way we look at things around us. I'd like to try the possibility of being more environmentally friendly, harvesting water, growing our own things and just enjoying nature more. 

This isn't a way to save money...although that would be lovely but just to make us think, the girls might not agree but small gradual changes might pay off in the long run. 

As part of this Aly and I are already planning a little camp out in the garden and you never know this might lead to more adventurous camps in the future.  If you have any recommendations, any books or just want to give support then please drop us a comment.