Oooo Yummy it's Butlins Food

You may have noticed that during the half term break our little family headed off for our break at Butlins and you may have noticed last week I posted about the Butlins Wave Hotel and hopefully you had a little read of it? Now it's time to move on to a subject I like very

For this stay at Butlins we went for the Bed, Breakfast & Dinner option. This means in the morning you get your breakfast in the hotel restaurant and dinner of an evening at your hotel or one of the many restaurants on site.

As we stayed in the Wave Hotel the restaurant is The Deck which is located just opposite the main entrance. Breakfast is served at 8am and we found that this was a quiet time and I'm guessing some lucky people actually had a lay in but not us, every morning we'd be standing there.

Butlins Breakfast

Breakfast is served as a buffet so it's just a case of picking what you want and enjoying. The choice is so incredible from every cooked item you could think of from the bacon, sausages and all types of eggs. If you prefer fruit then that's not a problem, cereal yet no worries, pancakes, pastries and if you don't fancy any of that then they'll cook you a special omelette. You'd imagine with all that food some the cooked food would be cold but it always felt hot and cooked perfectly. Let's just say the breakfasts went down very well and I loved having a cooked breakfast every morning.

For lunch there is a number of different places to try out all around the resort, whether it's a light snack or a warm meal you'll easily find something. Too be honest we'd normally eaten so much at breakfast that by the time lunch came around all we wanted was a sandwich. We used lunch as our quiet time so we headed back to the Wave and ate at the Soho Coffee cafe for a sandwich and a cake...whatever you do make sure you have one of their cakes.

One of the days we headed to my favourite place at Butlins for lunch...The Beachcomber Inn.

The Beachcomber Inn is a fresh and airy place with outside eating if you wish or a beautifully decorated place to eat inside. At lunchtime they have a wide selection of sandwiches, or meals or if you prefer a lighter salad. When we ate there the girls had a sandwich each but me and Laura both had salads which were fresh and the lettuce crispy and full of flavour.

Now when it comes to dinner you have a huge selection but if you wish to eat somewhere make sure you book it very quickly, in fact book them on the first day. For two of the nights we ate at The Deck which again was served as a buffet and had such a selection, from steaks, burgers, fish n chips you name it they had it.

One place you have to visit is Turner's which is Brian Turner's restaurant and the standard of food is top quality. The selection is full of  some of his favourite dishes all of which is presented perfectly. While there I went for the classic cottage pie.


I also just love the simple decor. Compared to a lot of other parts of the holiday this restaurant always feels calm and just gives you a little break.


The other place that we ate dinner was Papa John's which is a pizza/pasta restaurant. It's simple but perfect for children. They usually have a pizza and pasta buffet as well as a menu if you prefer. The girls all went for pasta but I have a lovely Hawaiian pizza which was covered in toppings. The real winner for me was the dessert.


Ummm chocolate cheesecake.

There isn't a single place you'll be disappointed with at Butlins, each restaurant caters for all diet requirements and pretty much all fussy eaters.

This stay was part of our role as a Butlins Ambassador, all thoughts and opinions are our own.