Our 1st Holiday - Part 1 (Flight & Villa)

Well it finally came around, our first holiday abroad. We was luckily enough to be given the chance to stay in an amazing villa in La Duquesa which is about 20 minutes north of Gibraltar. This was the first time either Aly (who's 4) and Mia (who's 16months) had been on a plane. Leading up to the flight Aly was so excited she kept going on about it for weeks before hand.

As the day approached we had a vision of them both being complete monkeys but they we're both so good and made it a complete pleasure. Mia sat on Laura's lap during the whole flight and both coming and going slept for about an hour and a half of the two and a half hour flight. Aly was very very good and was happy when the food cart came along and was happy enough to watch videos on the iPad with my headphones on for pretty much the whole flight.

Once we arrived in Spain and had got the hire people carrier which Aly had named OmiVan (I wouldn't ask) we was on our way to the villa to stay. We had warned Aly that the Villa was upside down so the bedrooms were downstairs and the living area upstairs. She loved exploring the whole place and took Mia off to show her the rooms.

Mia also seemed to enjoy exploring but was more interested in finding something to eat.

As it had been a long day we decided to just get some fish n chips for dinner which the girls didn't seem to mind as they ate a whole jumbo sausage and chips between them.

And so the 1st day of our holiday had come to an end without too much hassle.

Day two began with us eating breakfast outside which amazed the girls and they loved it. As it was a Sunday we knew most things would be closed but found a little market that was open just around the corner.

We didn't buy much apart from two wooden vases which cost just 6euro. The girls also bought some massive grapes. On the way back from the market we went to a little park that allowed the girls to run around and enjoy the sunshine .

Sunday afternoon just involved us walking around Puerto de la Duquesa and grabbing a bit to eat.

Sunday was a lovely relaxing day and gave us a chance to recharge our batteries before the week a head which would involve a Zoo, Safari and Gibraltar.

This is a few views from the rear balcony of the villa.