Our 1st holiday - Part 2 (Zoo)

Monday morning meant a trip to Fuengirola Zoo which is just south of Malaga and was about a 40 minute drive from La Duquesa. Both the girls and Laura were very excited at the thought of visiting the zoo.

The zoo itself is kind of located in the middle of a town and not where you would expect it. When you walk into the zoo you first get your picture taken and told you can see them at the end.

Walking around its clear the animals are well looked after and all seem pretty happy. The girls are loving seeing some animals that they wouldn't normally get to see such a lions, tigers and gorillas. Mia is so happy making friends with the gorilla and talking to all the birds, at one point she even wants her lunch with a tiger.

I am also enjoying myself by talking looks of photos.

They have a great range of animals and adventure parks to keep the children happy when they get bored. They also have a great restaurant which was fairly reasonable for us all.

Just before we left we remembered the photos and they showed us 6 different photos and we decided to buy them for 16euros which for 6 8x6 is a pretty good price.

All the girls had a great day and it was lots of fun and the girls behaved very well.

A few more photos from our day at the zoo.

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