Our Day at Knockhatch Adventure Park

For Bank Holiday Monday we decided to take the children to Knockhatch Adventure Park which is near Eastbourne in East Sussex. Mia as you would expect wasn't too interested but she kept having a peek at the animals. Aly on the other hand was loving feeding the animals.

And she was also quite happy to stroke the ponies which for her is a major thing.

The park itself was busy as we expected as it was a lovely day but once inside it was well spread out so you never felt cramped or anything.

After we'd fed the animals Aly seemed to find the jumping pillows like a homing pigeon. These jumping pillows are the largest in East Sussex and Aly was bouncing her heart out.

We also sat Mia on them while Aly jumped and Mia loved it and was laughing her head off.

After tempting Aly off with some food we had a little picnic, and of course this was Mia's favourite part.

We had managed to keep Aly away from the indoor play area but she sniffed out the outdoor play area and somehow I was roped in to going down the avalanche slide which no one told me I could get wet and I did!

As we was feeling daring and doing some extreme sports we went in a rowing boat which Aly wasn't keen on but once out there she loved being the Captain while Mummy and Daddy had to row.

Finally the time had come and we had to head off to the indoor adventure park and once again it was down to me to throw myself down slides and squeeze through gaps only big enough for a 6 year old at max. This is without doubt Aly's domain and she spend ages diving down slides that even older children seemed scared of.

Finally after what seemed like hours we tempted her off with an ice cream and after wearing them both out, especially Mia.

It was time to head home.

We all had such a brilliant time, it wasn't too expensive.

For a family of 4 it costs £31.50 which isn't too bad for the fun they had. I'm not sure how much the food is as we took a picnic.

I would recommend it without doubt.