Our Quadrophenia Themed Shoot

Whilst in Brighton the other day I had the opportunity to take a couple of photos of Josh who can be found on Instagram @BoldMenswearBlog and we took this chance to take some slightly different photos.

The location for this photoshoot was East Street in Brighton which has a place called #QuadropheniaAlley which in part is where a scene was filmed for the 1979 film Quadrophenia. The street and nearby area featured quite a bit in the film but the alleyway has become iconic and something of a shrine.

For the album by The Who which was the soundtrack for the film, the cover is of Phil Daniels standing in the alley and many many people visit every month to re-enact the pose.

With all of this, we thought with the help of Bone Clothing who have a shop next door to create a mod-inspired shoot. We borrowed some of their new items like the iconic Parka, a monkey jacket and a tee with the classic mod target and see what we could come up with.

The feel of them is a moody urban feel to tie in with the surrounds, they’re not meant to be cheery. The blacks were pumped up and the exposure brought down to help with that feeling.

We’re pretty pleased with how they’ve come out.