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During the Easter holidays we managed to visit a few different places in Cornwall as part of our lovely stay at Coombe Mill. One place we headed to was a place called Paradise Park in Hayle, Cornwall. Paradise Park is a place with lots of different animals from otters, owls, red pandas and also farm animals.


While we were there they had a special Easter egg competition where the girls each got a question chart and they had to look for various clues and answers. If they got all the questions right then they'd get a selection of chocolate eggs, this kept them happy for the day.


During the course of the day they also put on little feeding shows with the otters, birds of prey and also penguins. For most of these they get the children involved and allowed a few children to get into the penguin enclosure to feed them fish. Unfortunately the girls didn't get picked even though they had their hands up.


Once the animals have kept them entertained we had a little ride on the train and then headed to the restaurant which served hot and cold food and very reasonably priced. And then the moment the girls had been waiting for the large indoor play area which is suitable for children of all ages. In the play area was plenty of seating and also a little shop to get snacks and drinks to keep the parents entertained.

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For a family of four tickets are about £48 but check out their website as they normally have a special code and you can sometimes save £4 per person.

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