Photography Gift Guide

Tis the season don't you know, so in preparation for Christmas I thought I'd put together a little gift guide of items for a photographer. This is a list of things I'd personally find useful. No sponsored bits, no rubbish just the stuff I'd use and have used in the past. 

Lexar Multi-Card 25-in-1 USB 3.0 Reader

An awesome little gadget that allows you to simply move images from you memory cards straight to your computer. I've got one of these on my desk and it's so simple and so quick to use. This reader supports pretty much every type of memory card. 

Available from Park Cameras for £24.99

Hahnel 8-in-1 Deluxe Cleaning Kit

No matter what camera you have you need to make sure the lens and camera stay clean. This is nice and compact so it is something they can keep in their camera bag. Comes with a blower, swabs and cleaning cloths.  At least with this gift you know they'll actually use it. 

Available from Jessops for £49.99



Joby Gorillapod Hybrid GP2B

I actually love this thing, it's one of my most used accessories. It pretty much goes everywhere with me and it ideal for Macro photography and on the spur of the moment when you might not be carrying your tripod with you. I think most photographers would find this useful and it's very robust. 

Available from WEX Photographic for £29



Peak Design Slide Camera Strap

Nearly everyone I know uses their camera with the original strap it came with and that's normally the least uncomfortable thing ever. The Peak Design strap is amazing, super comfortable and universal. It allows you to wear it as a sling, a neck strap or a shoulder strap. It has amazing padding and grips when you need it to grip. 

Available from Peak Design for $59.99


Seagate 500GB Wireless Hard Drive

The most expensive item on the list but this is an item every photographer needs. This is a 500GB wireless hard drive. It's small and compact and I keep mine in my bag at all times. It can be used with a USB or by downloading an app for your phone or tablet you can transfer the photos via a secure WiFi. Have a chargeable battery which will last up to 6 hours of continuous use. 

Available from Argos for £99.99

Lunchtime Hardcover Book by Charles H. Traub

The final item on the list and one I think people will enjoy. It's a beautiful book full of colourful and spontaneous street portraits from the late 1970s. The photos were taken in New York,  Chicago and a few European cities and gives a great insight to peoples lives at that time. 

Available from Amazon for £30