Plotagraph - Animated Photographs

Updated for iOS. 

What is Plotagraph? 

This is a new technique where you can take any jpeg photo and bring it to life with the use of animation. 

It's created using software called Plotagraph Pro and it's super easy and fun to use. To give you an idea here are a couple of examples. 

This first one was taken on the banks of the River Thames looking towards St Paul's Cathedral. 

The best way of describing is it's a kind of moving picture. It's super easy and fun to use. Simply upload a photo and then bring it to life. 

It can work in loads of different ways from clouds, water and even hair. 

There is no need for multiple photos, or movie files. It's all created from one single photo, no special settings on the camera. As it's a web based programme it works on any type of computer and it works quickly. 

How does Plotagraph work?

In simple terms you upload a photo you want to use and then select the areas you'd like to animate. You can have things flowing in different direction or keep certain things still. The finished project can then be exported and shared across social media. 

To show the flow I use I made a simple and easy to follow video. 

I used a very simple animation but you can be as complex as you like. Also not every part has to move at the same speed. Here's an example of the flow that I used when animating the photo in the video. 

How to share Plotagraphs?

If you want to share these across social media you need to export the file. For Twitter, you can export the file as a GIF and upload straight to it. I found a size of 750 pixels and a frame rate of 25fps works best. 

For Facebook again export as a GIF at 750 pixels and then this time upload to somewhere like Giphy. Once uploaded click advanced and get the URL for the GIF. Paste that into Facebook and boom done. 

With Instagram export as a MP4 and loop for 20 on the settings. This gives you a video at about 60 seconds long. Once downloaded transfer to your phone or tablet using Airplay or Dropbox. Simply upload to Instagram.

iOS Mobile App

In the last few weeks, it has been released on iOS for iPhone and iPad and it works like a dream, it's super easy to use and the results are incredible.⠀

I made this animated Plotagraph in just a few minutes.⠀

At the moment you can download it for a special introductory price of £4.99 and it's definitely worth the money. It'll be coming to Android soon!⠀iOS Download