Podcasting Basics + BritMumsLive Show

A lot of you will know that the annual parent blogging conference BritMums Live has just happened at you may have seen that the LoveAllDads Podcast won the Innovate BiBs award which we are very very proud of. trophy

Also during this conference the podcast team were asked to record a live show and also answer a few questions that people may have regarding podcasting. The session was to run for 45 minutes and time really ran away from us so I have created this post to hopefully help and answer a few questions.


The first thing to get right is the sound, you can have the best topics to cover but if the sound is poor no one will listen. In an ideal World you’ll have a top of the range mic but not everyone can afford that. You can pick up a headset which simply plugs into the USB port of your laptop and generally that will work fine. Avoid at all costs using the build in microphone of your laptop as you’ll get so much background noise it will make it unbearable.


As there is four of us on the Podcastwe use Skype to dial in to each other and then John records it using. In the words of John here’s how he does it.

I record it using a Mac program called Audio Hijack Pro which lets me record the Skype call. That makes a WAV file which I drop into Levelator - a program for fixing differing voice levels and adding a light compression. It just generally makes things sound better. After that I open the file in Amadeus Pro to add the head and foot. Here I also cut off the banner part - "It's Sunday the 20th of June... blah" - and add the music under it. Then I save an MP3 out of Amadeus. Finally I open the MP3 in ID3Editor to add the show description, title, show number, logo and so on. After that I save it to my dropbox and it’s ready to be published.

So that's the basics of how to record and edit the show, the next post will follow in the next few days and will be about where to host your podcast files and how to get them on your blog but for now sit back and listen to our live BritMums show.