Project 365

IMG_20131103_141347 It seemed to make a change to see a bit of blue sky granted it had just been raining but it produced a rainbow. IMG_20131103_183450

A little garden firework display where the girls had a couple of sparklers. IMG_20131105_082842

The 5th of course was bonfire night and Lewes has the biggest event in Europe so all the shops have to board up the windows, not because of violence just the cheer amount of people which this year was 30,000 in a town with a population of 15,000IMG_20131106_082144

Come 7am on the 6th you wouldn't have known anything happened. Considering it didn't finish till 2am the people done a fantastic job. IMG_20131107_173233

While Aly was at school Mia made some chocolate chip cakes and here she is tasting her creations. photo 1-5

While at work this was delivered to my house, for review so I had to wait all day to get home to see it. IMG_20131109_100939

Finally I got to drive it on Saturday and my oh my I love it.

How has your week been?

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