Project 365 - Week 20

IMG_20140511_161644 Day 131 - Strike a Post - All I was after was a photo of Aly outside but she needed to strike a pose. She’s a model in waiting I’m sure


Day 132 - Pretty Flowers - Sorry today it’s just some flowers


Day 133 - Me & Aly - After work today Aly wanted a cuddle…perfect time for a selfie.


Day 134 - Relaxing - As you do Mia decided the best place to relax was laying on my legs.


Day 135 - Disney Dancing - As is normal in this house the girls ended the day dancing to Disney songs


Day 136 - Game Time - Tonight before bedtime we all sat down for a little game of Party, Party, Party


Day 137 - Splish Splash - You can be sure summer has arrived as this afternoon the girls are splashing around in the paddling pool

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