Project 365 - Week 21

IMG_20140518_144658 Day 138 - Summertime - It would appear that this weekend summertime arrived.


Day 139 - Reading Time - Tonight it was story time with Daddy and Mia


Day 140 - OxoMealTimeMagic - Ooo I do love a project which involves food. This week’s project is with BritMums and Oxo


Day 141 - Deep in Thought - A little photo which I caught while Aly was lost in thought.


Day 142 - Caterpillars!! - Our pear tree seems to be home to a few caterpillars but I’ve never seen a group of them like this…are they about to make a super butterfly?


Day 143 - Exploring - Tonight Aly wanted to go exploring with her magnifying glass


Day 144 - Partytime - Today Mia went to a birthday party for the first time

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