Project 365 - Week 22

IMG_20140525_202032 Day 145 - Sleep Before Butlins - Mia recharging the batteries before we head off to Butlins in the morning


Day 146 - Magic Teacups - We’ve been here for a few hours and already they’ve found the teacups


Day 147 - Good Morning Butlins - You can’t beat a good view in the morning and Butlins never disappoints


Day 148 - Bognor Beach - Even though it wasn’t sunny we managed to get to Bognor Regis beach and it was empty


Day 149 - Riding Our Vespa - When the suns out what’s better than riding a Vespa…OK so these ones don’t move but you get the idea


Day 150 - Winging It - Home from Butlins and back to lots of boring housework. What would it be like if we had wings?


Day 151 - Swimming - It has now become part of the usual routine for Aly to go off swimming on a Saturday morning

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