Project 365 - Week 23

IMG_20140601_105135 Day 152 - Dressing for the Garden - The weather was lovely and the garden was there to be played in…all that was needed was the right outfit to be worn


Day 153 - Hanging Baskets - Nothing I could create would look this pretty, this is one of the hanging baskets in the in laws garden


Day 154 - An Evening Swing - Why not enjoy the dry weather and have a little swing? It’s always a joy to see the girls play nicely together


Day 155 - Ummm Cake - Today it was one of the bosses birthday and as it was his 50th we had this cake made for him…oh it was yummy.


Day 156 - Poorly Mia - This is what I came home to…a sick Mia asleep of the sofa after being sick early.


Day 157 - Crash Bang Wallop - On the way to school Aly managed to fall over whilst running and this was the outcome. She also cut her hands and elbows.


Day 158 - Painting - Oh how I love to spend a Saturday painting… Just hope Mia likes her pink room

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