Project 365 - Week 26

IMG_20140622_220223 Day 173 - Loom Bracelets - I have a feeling the thing to do this Summer will be to create and make Loom bracelets


Day 174 - Mia - This little monkey is growing up so quickly and it won’t be long until she’s 4 years old.


Day 175 - Fresh Blueberries - It’s good to see our blueberries starting to grow and hopefully it won’t be long until we get to enjoy them.


Day 176 - What to Wear - Deciding what to wear is important so what does Mia do? Well she gets in the wardrobe to find a dress.


Day 177 - Straight not Curly - It’s amazing how different Mia looks with straight hair and just how long her hair is.


Day 178 - Best Friends - Sometimes they fight but often they just love each other. I bet when boys come along it will be a different story.


Day 179 - Digging Potatoes - We love growing stuff in the garden especially potatoes and this weekend we dug up our first lot of potatoes.

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