Project 365 - Week 27


Day 180 - The girls made some very yummy chocolate cakes today with crumbled flake on top.


Day 181 - Watering Can of Flowers - I love photography and always trying to improve and after BritMums I am full of drive and have been inspired


Day 182 - Pretty in Pink - You’d never guess that this weekend we headed to the garden centre to buy lots of colourful plants to add some colour to the garden, here is today’s offering.


Day 183 - Garden Visitors - You may have seen on Instagram that we created some coconut shell bird feeders well now we’ve actually had visitors to the garden to eat from the coconuts.


Day 184 - Poorly Mia - Poor little Mia is feeling under the weather. She’s not quite as I’ll as the photo makes her look. Nothing that a good nights sleep won’t fix.


Day 185 - Helpful Mia - After feeling ill yesterday Mia soon bounced back to normal and was soon outside painting stuff for the fairy garden


Day 186 - Eye Test - Today it was time for Aly’s 6 month check up on her eyes…this is down to here having several operations on her eyes when she was younger.

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