Project 365 - Week 28

IMG_20140706_174644 Day 187 - Fairy Garden - For a Summer project with the girls Mrs OD3G has decided to create a fairy garden which has started to take shape.


Day 188 - Out for a Swim - It’s not everyday that you spot a couple of swans out with their baby cygnets


Day 189 - Kids in the Kitchen - This is a little selection of items to keep the girls entertained during the Summer holidays.


Day 190 - Vintage - Today while on a little break I headed to a shop that is just opposite my office, a shop I’d never been into before and what I came across was a shop full of vintage and unique homeware.


Day 191 - Meet Elsa - This is what greeted me when I returned home from work. While Aly was off school they went and bought a new fish and called it Elsa.


Day 192 - Artistic - This is the amazing pencil drawing that Mrs OD3G. It’s a massive drawing of various characters from Disney


Day 193 - Mirror Mirror - This photo was taken for the Instagram project of the weekend which was Mirror Mirror

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