Project 365 - Week 29

IMG_20140713_155019 Day 194 - I can’t believe how quickly Mia is growing up and she’s a real cutie with her golden curls.


Day 195 - Bucket Bum - As you do, Mia kept herself entertained this afternoon by walking around with a bucket on her bum


Day 196 - Potatoes - It was time to dig up another of our potato sacks and this was our crop, enough for a fair few meals


Day 197 - Summertime - It’s Summertime don’t you know? The girls are all dressed up ready to enjoy the weather


Day 198 - Tis a Sign - Walking around it’s amazing just what you can spot. This sign is for a company that has been in Lewes since 1915ish


Day 199 - Tis Too Hot - The heat today has really got to Mia and really wiped her out.


Day 200 - PlayDoh Kind of Day - This has been a rough day with no sleep for any of us last night so it’s been a relaxed kind of day.

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